Fall in Love with Color

September 08, 2015 2 min read

Here at Girls Dress Shop we’ve noticed that once September rolls around, people put away their colorful clothes and instead wear more neutral, muted hues. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we think it’s great to keep color in style despite the change of seasons. After all, color is everywhere in your daughter’s world. From her toys to her books to her crayons and markers, kids love color. And it looks great on them! Colorful clothes emphasize a girl’s fun loving spirit and show off her lively personality. Nothing compares to the wonderful feeling she gets when she’s wearing her favorite color. Maybe your daughter shines in yellow, or is absolutely tickled by pink. Whatever the hue, colder weather is no reason to stop wearing color. While bright colors may traditionally be most popular in spring and summer, we challenge you not to give up on color just yet!  It’s very easy to incorporate into a fall wardrobe and still look seasonally appropriate.

The first trick is choosing the right colors. Fall is the perfect opportunity to flaunt deeper shades such as purple, red and blue. Pairing neutrals with brighter shades also looks amazing. Neutrals are great because they go with anything, just liven them up by adding color!

The second component is to wear clothes which are appropriate for the weather. The days are getting cooler, so opt for a long sleeved dress and boots, or maybe a maxi dress with a sweater. Your daughter will be thrilled to wear her favorite colors and stay toasty. 

Our Raya dress is perfect for the season. The gray is simple and elegant, and the bold purple stripes and blue accents add just the right amount of vibrance. The long sleeves and knit material will keep your girl comfy and cozy all day long. Add a chic pair of boots, adorable hat and scarf and she’s good to go.

Try our Breanne dress for a longer option. Highlight the coral and black stripes with a bow and black flats.

Stay Colorful!

Peace, Love, GirlsDressShop

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