Halloween Traditions

October 10, 2014 2 min read

Halloween is here, the spookiest and sweetest time of year! Growing up, Halloween was always such an eventful time of year and the list of activities was endless; carving pumpkins, haunted hay rides, costume parties and spending the night of tricks and treats with our favorite friends, and of course we can’t forget the costumes!

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The crew at GDS wanted to share few of our most favorite Halloween memories: 

  When I was a little kid I wanted nothing more than to hang out with my amazing big brother. He usually never let me tag along, but on Halloween I got to go trick-or-treating with him! He would always be a vampire and I would always be a clown. He’d try to scare me by jumping out from bushes, and we’d race around the neighborhood grabbing all the candy we could fit in our plastic pumpkins. When all the porch lights had gone out we would head home. Triumphantly we’d tip over our orange buckets full to the brim, sort and count our treasures, trade them, and gorge on far too many sweets. – Rachel  
 My all-time favorite Halloween costume was the year I was a princess. It was in the 1st grade and I really loved the dress. I felt like a star- I twirled in it all day and never wanted to take it off. -Diana
My cousins, my sister and I spent weeks preparing for our Haunted House Party. We would design our costumes, make lots of Halloween treats, and decorate inside and out. In the front yard there would be a big witch’s kettle, complete with smoke and green-goo. Every year, my Uncle would sit near-by completely still in a scare-crow costume and when the kids got close, he would jump up and scare them. It’s my favorite memory of Halloween. –Kassie
There was an old lady on our street named Mrs. Probey who would dress up as a witch.  When she opened her door vapors of dry ice would pour across the lawn and she would make us sing songs and do tricks to get candy. We are all terrified of her it took a long time to get up the courage to knock on her door! -Barbara


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