Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

February 04, 2015 2 min read

Even before the Frozen phenomenon, where we were introduced to our now favorite snowman, Olaf, we have memories of building our own family of snow people during those wonderful snow days that allowed us to stay home. Whenever there was news of a snow storm brewing, one of our favorite memories was the anticipation of staying up late to watch the news and then waking up early to see if they announced our school closing.

Oh the joy we would feel when we heard our school name on the radio or tv! Immediately, there would be much rejoicing, and racing around the house to find all of our snow gear to prepare for a day in the snow. Once our outfits were mother approved, out we would go, marveling at how beautiful the untouched snow was, and how it would sparkle in the sun. Then proceed to bounce around in it a bit before deciding what we wanted to build. A snow fort? A snow family? A snow castle? A sledding track that we could pull each other around in? The possibilities were endless! Finally, we’d be called in from our fun, into the warmth of the kitchen, where we would leave puddles of melted snow EVERYWHERE, and proceed to devour the already prepared hot tomato soup with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Once we were warm, full, cleaned up and dried off from the wet snow, it would be time to get into pjs for the night and enjoy a movie or board games with the family, or snuggle up with a good book.

These were some of our favorite snow day memories. We would love for you to share with us some of your own snow day memories at!

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