Sisterly Love

October 29, 2015 2 min read 1 Comment

This Halloween girls across the globe are getting ready to dress up in costume and many will choose to emulate characters from their favorite movies.

Surely there will be thousands of children who want to be Anna or Elsa from Disney’s Academy Award winning animated hit Frozen(or both, for those trick-or-treating dynamic duos!). These two sisters are anything but ordinary princesses, so it should come as no surprise that they’ve found a place in our hearts on Halloween andall year round.

When Elsa, the older of the two sisters, accidentally sends the Kingdom of Arendelle into an eternal winter, she flees their family castle. But Anna chases after her because she believes that if they work together, they can find a way to thaw Arendelle and run the kingdom.  This plan fails when Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the heart with her icy powers, and the only way to heal her is for Anna to receive a true love’s kiss. It turns out that Elsa, in an act of true and sisterly love, is the person who can save Anna once and for all.

Elsa & Anna from Frozen

Frozenis heartwarming (aha!) because it reminds us that there are few bonds as special as the ones between sisters. Although I did not grow up with sisters (I am actually the lucky sibling of not one but TWO older brothers, whom I love dearly) I know and appreciate the relationships I have formed with my friends over the years; so many are like sisters to me and I know our love for each other is just like that between the Frozenprincesses. Whether they’re my childhood friends, my camp friends, my cousins or my sorority sisters, they are the ladies in my life who can be the Anna to my Elsa.

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May 18, 2016

I loved your article post. Want more. Metivier

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