Florals for Fall

October 20, 2015 2 min read

When you think flowers, you might think of spring and summer. But why not wear florals in the autumn? Isn’t fall known for its foliage and brightly colored leaves?

Flowers are great! They are elegant and beautiful, and we are sure your little girl loves to pick them, play with them and maybe even puts them in her hair. After all, the flower child is back. From flower crowns to floral-inspired jewelry, flowers are the thing to wear across runways and the fashion world. What we love about flowers is their versatility!  Floral patterns come a wide variety of styles and can feature just about any color and flower, from roses to daisies.

The key to making florals work for fall is the coloring. Much like we said in our Fall in Love with Color blog, wearing darker tones makes an outfit more seasonally appropriate. Now this doesn’t mean you have to dress your daughter entirely in shades of navy, gray or black.  Instead, look for patterns that feature a neutral background and then use bright flowers to add color.

For the next few months it is only going to get colder, so dress warmly! Long sleeve dresses are key. Wear them with tights underneath and even a jacket for an extra layer of warmth.

Bonnie Jean textured knit floral print dress

Try our Rosa dress! The black and pink floral pattern makes quite the statement, and it comes with its own coordinating pink belt with a gold closure for an elegant touch. Wear it with a pair of perfectly pink shoes(the bow is adorable!) and a gold and pink jeweled clip and she’ll look like the fancy little lady she is.

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